ALTBroadband Plan

One-time setup fee of $100
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Average of 20 Mbps Download. Maximum of 100Mbps Download.
  • Average of 4 Mbps Upload. Maximum of 25Mbps Upload.
  • NO Data Caps
  • NO Throttling
  • NO Contracts
  • NO Cancellation Fees
  • Static IP
  • Xbox, PlayStation, etc compatible.

*Some LTE-Advanced, and Pre-5G areas can achieve 100Mbps Download, and 25Mbps Upload. Speeds listed above are average for most markets 24/7.

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With 4G and 5G networks still being expanded, upgraded, and built throughout all 50 states, we strive to offer you the latest and greatest connectivity with truly unlimited data, and no throttling.

Even though your cellular plan is not tied to our ALTBroadband devices, it can be a good indicator of what types of speeds and coverage you may receive with our plan. If you have a fair 4G LTE connection at your location, we can guarantee an even better experience on our platform. We remove the bottlenecks and issues currently associated with using 4G LTE as your primary internet source. We have local IP’s, Static IP’s, no restrictive NAT, etc. If you only have mediocre, or no LTE coverage at your location, we still may be able to help you with our extended range directional antenna LTE modems that can connect to a LTE signal even miles away from where mobile phones can typically connect.