Troubleshooting Your Connection

Your ALTBroadband Wireless Internet service should work out of the box. However, in some situations there may be outside circumstances that can alter the quality of your wireless connection and cause issues.

If you are having connection, signal, or speed issues, first check out our guide to Signal-To-Noise Ratio issues and then follow the following steps so that our Customer Service Department can more easily assist you and help resolve your issues.

1. Document Your Testing & Results

Please take pictures of where you have tried the modem, and include the front of the modem and its status lights. You should have At Least 3 different locations tested inside, and At Least 2 locations tested outside. Along with the photos, please have screenshots of any speedtests completed at for each of the locations. Please have all speedtests tested against an ALTBroadband speedtest server, so that we can pull any pertaining logs and further diagnostic information.

2. Contacting Support

Open a “Network Speed Issues” support ticket here. On this page, you will run the automated test by clicking “Start” and then filling out the form and clicking “Submit”.

3. Update Your Support Request

You will need to update the support request with the information you gathered in Step 1. Visit, select “My Account”, then “Support Tickets”, and then click on the ticket that the system created for you when your Network Speed Issues form was submitted in Step 2. Here you will need to reply to the ticket with the photos/screenshots and any other valuable information you may have collected. Once this is done, our network operations and customer service department will look over the information and contact you with how we will work to resolve your issue.

We have a 90% Success Rate in fixing our customers’ problematic connections, however it may take a little time. Please be understanding and work with us, so that everyone can be happy!